NextGear Capital Stocking, Now Available at SWVA

By February 17, 2015News

SWVA is happy to announce that we have teamed up with NextGear Capital and can now offer our registered traders a new and innovative way to pay for vehicles bought in our auctions.

“If you buy from one of our partner auctions, the NextGear Capital Stocking Plan could make your auction experience faster and easier. Payment can be made instantly at the click of a button and the auction cash office will allocate the vehicles straight to your Stocking Plan. Or you can pay online using the auction system or StockMaster. Just advise the auction house staff at registration and when you pay that you’re a NextGear Capital buyer and you want to use your Stocking Plan. They’ll take care of the rest leaving you free to concentrate on the sale.”

You can apply online at, or visit their website and try out the profit calculatorto see how a NextGear Capital Stocking Plan could help your business grow.