MG Midget 1967 – SOLD £6996

MG Midget 1967.

This super little car has just undergone a full and comprehensive body and mechanical refurbishment. The vendor defers from using the description “restored”,as so much of the panelwork is original. From an early age in its life a thick and glutinous layer of non hardening underseal compound had been applied to most areas apart from the outer painted panels, and although it looked ghastly, it certainly did a good job of preserving the metal. Most of this has now been removed and replaced with a more aesthetically pleasing protective coating, although some still remains on the underside of the floors as it’s still doing a good job. There has obviously been some repair work necessary, new inner and outer sills, some corner pieces, one new door and a skin on the other, but the bonnet, boot and all four wings are original. The wheel arch extensions are welded steel to allow the fitment of the slightly wider minilite style wheels. The car has had a quality repaint including the underbonnet and boot, in its proper old English white. The engine was removed, stripped and carefully rebuilt using new gaskets, seals and some minor components.
A new lightened duplex timing gear set was fitted, together with a pair or reconditioned inch and a half SU carbs. This engine proved to be quite interesting in that it has a big valve 12G940, 11 stud head, nitrided crankshaft, steel centre main strap and Cooper S cam. All the internals looked relatively new, and it had been bored +30. Exhaust system is all stainless including a beautiful free flow manifold. Suspension and brakes have all been fully rebuilt with new springs, discs, pads,cylinders, shoes, bushes and seals.
The interior does have new carpets, but is otherwise as original and very presentable, complete with a Motolita steering wheel. The hood is excellent, a nice tight fit with clear windows, and there is also a tonneau cover.The best word to describe this car is delightful, in all respects, to look at, to listen to, and above all, to drive. comes with a good history file with receipts, invoices and photographs.

  • Condition: 1
  • Reg number: LOC16F
  • Date of registration: 18-09-1967
  • Mileage: 18,802 (not warranted)
  • MOT: 14-06-16
  • SOLD: £6996