Fiat 500 1968 – SOLD £5618.00

Vendor purchased this vehicle in March 2007 as a partly started restoration project. The previous owner had been trying to get it restored for a number of years but had run out of steam. The vendor owned a car body repair business at the time so over the next couple of years, most of the external body panels were renewed, along with the sills and floor pan. The vehicle was resprayed Fiat red and sign written to use as advertising. The suspension and king pins were replaced and the engine was rebuilt. The interior trim was replaced including seat covers and sun roof. The vehicle has been garaged and has only covered some 3,500 kms during and since its restoration. It is an original left hand drive vehicle which was first registered in Italy 17 August 1968. The vendor thinks it was probably white, then beige and finally red. It is in excellent condition. Mot’s for 1998,1999.2002 and then from 2010. The period in between would be when the vehicle was off the road for restoration. There are various bills, invoices and parts lists dating back to the late 1990’s when the vehicle first came into the country. There are some tax discs and photo’s of some stages of the restoration(s). There is a copy of its original registration and also evidence of the e-bay sale to the last owner.

SOLD: £5618.00

  • Condition: 1                Estimated sale price: £5000 – 5800
  • Reg number: XBY296F
  • Date of registration: 05-11-1998 (Manufactured 1968)
  • Mileage: 82,559 kms (warranted)
  • MOT: 08-06-15