South West Vehicle Auctions

If you are new to using our Livebid System, below are some easy to use instructions:

  1. Use the log in details provided to you by ourselves (username and password) to log into our system here
  2. You will then be directed to a page called your “Dashboard”
  3. Under the heading “Livebid” click on “View our livebid sales”
  4. You will see a list of upcoming active sales, each with 3 black boxes to the right side of them, click on the bottom of the 3 “Open Live Bid” on the sale you wish to participate in on the day.
  5. This will open a new tab on your browser. You should see a box with a video feed on the left side and when the auction starts you will hear the auctioneers, providing your computer has speakers!*
  6. To bid on a vehicle click on the long red button under the video feed that says “Bid £—– Now”. The button will show a figure on it when the car is being auctioned for example “Bid £2000 Now”, whatever that figure is when you click it will submit that figure to us and we will accept it. When you are outbid the figure on the button will change and you can click it again to bid and so on

Having problems opening livebid?

Adobe Flash Player is no longer supported by Google. Our system should run on any browser however some people have encountered problems with Chrome, if your livebid video stream is not working try logging into your account on Microsoft Edge.

Follow these steps if you are having trouble opening Livebid:

If you are using livebid on your phone or tablet, you will probably experience sound issues if you log into Livebid by going through a browser. The best way to use livebid on a phone or tablet is to download our app. Simply type “SWVA Livebid” into the app store or Play store and download the app. This is a much quicker process, all you have to do is open the app, put in your login details and you can start bidding straight away. (Please note the app does not have a video feed you will need a computer and laptop for this).



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