Lea Francis 1949 2 Seater Sports

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Lea Francis 1949 2 Seater Sports Entered into the October 31st 2014 Classic Car Auction.

We are pleased to offer for sale, on behalf of the Deceased (believed to be the second owner) solicitors’,  this 1949 l.7 lit Lea Francis 2-seater sports.  There were only 118 cars of this model made between 1947 and 1949 although this one is one of only 2 vehicles to have independent front suspension and hydraulic breaks. This rare vehicle has been stored for many years and will need to be re-commissioned.  We are told that she was driven into the garage where she has been all these years.  On inspection under the very thick layer of dust the body appears sound as all the leather trim.  The latter will require careful cleaning, possibly new filling.  These 1.7 lit cars had a very useful top speed in the 90 mile per hour range.  The engines were fed by twin carbs and the valve gear is similar to the Riley i.e. twin rocker boxes and drives through a 4-speed gear box.  Unusually, this car is sitting on wire wheels.  The new owner when he gets this very rare car up and running, will have a delightful vehicle, a real head turner and fun to drive.

This is one of only 2 vehicles to have independent front suspension and hydraulic front brakes. All the other similar cars had beam axles and rod brakes. The lea Francis owners club have been very helpful and have informed me that the first owner used the car for racing at goodwood etc with some success and have forwarded onto us a photo of the car in racing trim which you will find below.

Condition:  3           Estimated sale price: No reserve

  • Reg number: JRT946
  • Date of registration: 1949
  • Mileage: –
  • MOT: –

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