Ford GTD GT40 Replica 1997

Ford GT40 replica 1997 entered into the October 31st Classic Car Auction.

Introduction to this GT40 Replica manufactured in 1997.
This is a unique opportunity to obtain a rare track car (it is not registered for the road). Len Bailey (Ford Advance Vehicles) who was the chief designer of the original GT40 along with Pat Murphy who was the works manager, came to work for the vendor at GTD Ltd. They set up the manufacturing processing exactly the same as the original GT40 factory at Slough.
The concept was to build the Monocoque chassis out of light-weight aluminium (that saves a lot of weight) with steel subframes using all the spare parts and original patterns that were available.
The drawings were then produced and this is the unique car you see today. She comes with a GT40 Monocoque Assembly Manual, some 98 pages (like a Haynes Manual) with colour pictures and technical drawings. There are two other files of high-tec information and a record of the car’s competitive life i.e. Isle of Man, Prescott, Goodwood etc. The twin brother of this amazing adrenalin rush GT40 is used for historic racing in the United States USA. The others were exported to Sweden and Japan.

Engine Ford V8 5.1 ci 350/370 bhp The engine is new, has had a complete re-build by British American Engines Ltd using a Eagle-balanced rotating assembly consisting Ford single piece crank shaft, Eagle con rods, Keith Black Hypereutectic pistons, aluminium heads, roller rockers, baffled high capacity sump, high output intake, this engine is so new, the future owner will need to put the car onto a dyno to set it up and to loosen the engine (the cam has been run in) In excess of £7000 has been spent on this engine
Gear Box: 6 speed with Gatrag internals with oil cooler
Brakes: Large ventilated discs with 4 pot callipers with race pads, twin servos, twin adjustable brake cylinders,
Cooling: New aluminium high output radiator, twin electric fans and stainless pipes to engine
Suspension: As mark 1 all details on the manual with photographs.

The vendor can arrange for a centre roof section and two full doors to be supplied to the new owner to change the car back from a spider to an enclosed cockpit at an extra cost of £300 – £400. The car is available for viewing as from now.

Condition: 1 – 2          Estimated sale price: £25,000 -£30,000

  • Reg number: P35CJT
  • Date of registration: 01/06/1997
  • Mileage: 935 (not warranted)

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