1969 Daimler V8 250

Lets start with the plus points. This 120 mph Daimler 2 ½ V8 is as solid as a rock, a fortune has been spent on her, this icon of British motor heritage. In June, this year, £1,104 was duly paid to a first rate Jaguar/Daimler specialist for overhauling the steering and brakes. The history file is massive includes old MOT’s back to 1981, DVLC owners checks, original service and handbooks. It will take you hours to go through all the bills. It shows the car was laid up in ’89 and back on the road in ’96. The lists of parts alone came to £4,994.

Now the down side. The interior is wrong, the seats and door trims need to be re-commissioned in the correct colours. The wood and head linings are correct and in good order. The carpets are new, you may be able to live with them. You can use this great car as is and take your time to bring it to your satisfaction, or what a fantastic base to build a concourse car.

Condition: 2(body), 3(interior)
Estimated sale price: No reserve.

Sold for £3,922 at July 2013 Classic Car Auction